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Living in London

Samuel Johnson declared that ‘when a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.’ And this is as true today as it was in Johnson’s day. London is exciting – a truly global city in which you can meet every nationality of the world. London has also been described as a hundred distinct villages making one unique city. Its character is reflected in colourful street markets, historic buildings, world-class museums and numerous, surprisingly tranquil, parks. So, whether your preference is for culture, socialising, shopping or sightseeing, it will not be long before London occupies a special place in your heart.

Sure, London can be expensive. But there are a lot of ways to enjoy yourself more economically and you can have a great deal of fun without spending a great deal of money.

You may already know that entrance to most museums and art galleries in London is free. But did you know that around 30% of London is covered in public parks and open spaces? Take a walk up on Hampstead Heath and you won’t believe that you’re in a city with 7.5 million inhabitants. The Heath has over 320 hectares of woodland and grassland that are open to everyone, to walk or run as they please. In Hyde Park, football and sunbathing are popular, whilst Regent’s Park has London Zoo at its north end and a wide range of facilities and amenities including gardens, a lake with a heronry, waterfowl and a boating area, sports pitches, and children’s playgrounds.

London is home to some of England’s most famous football teams, but going to a Premier League game is not cheap. Do what Londoners do and have a party at home when there’s a top game on TV: invite your new friends round, get the drinks and some take-away or home-delivery food in. It’s cheaper than eating in a restaurant and the food will taste almost as good.

The luxury shops and department stores in Bond Street and Knightsbridge are enticing, but far too expensive for most of us to shop at regularly. Shop in street markets, however, and you can have fun as well as save a lot of money. You’ll find plenty of street markets in London selling fruit, vegetables and other food, many of them open at the weekend. There are also markets that specialise in clothes, in antiques and in flowers. Car boot sales, where private individuals sell goods they no longer want, are a great hunting ground for bargains. CDs and books, clothing and household goods of every sort are displayed on tables lined up in rows behind the owners’ cars. Prices are usually very low and the stallholders are ready to negotiate.

Full-time students at Excel Education can get a discount on public transport in the London area, so a trip to visit a gallery or museum is a very cheap outing and an excellent way to learn more about British culture.

The list of things to see in London is almost endless and a lifetime would not allow you sufficient time to see everything.

London is the best place in the world to be a student. It offers a wide range of courses to suit your needs, in a city of unlimited opportunities. As a student in London you will have access to unrivalled resources to support your study, and your experience in this city will be unequalled in opportunity, study and life.

Whatever course you choose to study in London, you can be guaranteed that your qualification will be a solid foundation for building your future and boosting your career prospects, while establishing a global network of friends and contacts. London’s educational centres provide a vibrant, creative and stimulating environment in which to develop your potential.

Students play an integral part in making London so dynamic, lively and challenging. You’ll meet so many different people, in so many situations, and gain an education in life, not just study. With professional bodies, learning societies, royal institutes, the British Library and the British Museum – there’s no doubting that London is truly a centre for learning.

Creative and cultural capital

London has over 200 museums, twice as many as Paris or New York, and most of them are free to visit. The city has 120 historic buildings, 150 theatres, 8,000 acres of park land, 33 sites of scientific interest, 37,000 listed buildings and four world heritage sites.

London is home to some of the world’s greatest cultural institutions. The British Library is one of the world’s largest and greatest libraries with 150 million items – growing by 3 million new items each year. With over 2.5 miles of galleries the British Museum contains one of the most comprehensive collections of antiquities and books anywhere in the world. The city also has a treasure trove of hidden treasures and specialist libraries such as the London Library and Kings Fund Library.

London is the world’s most diverse and multi-cultural city with 300 languages spoken among its 7.3 million residents. Its education sector is equally diverse with 200 countries represented among its 370,000 students. London is the most popular city in the world for international students choosing to study outside their home country – with 73,000 currently studying in the city which is more than New York and Sydney. Students play a crucial role in making London so dynamic and your experience in this city will provide you with a network of friends from all over the world.

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